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Parenting Resources

Equipping you to navigate conversations with your kids around today’s issues.

Sample Axis Resources

Explore a few free resources to help you have better conversations with your kids. 

A Doubting Teen   ●   Advent   ●   Android   ●   Anime & Manga   ●   ASMR   ●   Back to School   ●   The Bible   ●   Billie Eilish   ●   Body Positivity   ●   Boredom    ●   Cancel Culture   ●   Civility   ●   College Prep   ●   COVID-19   ●   Cyber-Bullying   ●   Depression and Anxiety   ●   Difficult Conversations   ●   Discipling Teenagers ●   Discord   ●   Dungeons & Dragons   ●   Eating Disorders   ●   Emotion   ●   Enneagram   ●   Evangelism   ●   Evidence for the Resurrection   ●   Failure   ●   Family Night   ●   Fear & Worry   ●   Fitness   ●   Fortnite   ●   Gen Z   ●   Halloween   ●   Holy Week and Easter   ●   Influencers   ●   Instagram   ●   Internet Filtering & Monitoring   ●   iOS   ●   Jordan Peterson   ●   K-Pop & BTS   ●   Kendrick Lamar   ●   Lent   ●   LGBTQ+   ●   Making Your Home a Safe Place   ●   Marijuana   ●   Masturbation   ●   Minecraft   ●   Modesty   ●   Money   ●   Netflix   ●   New Year’s Resolution   ●   Personal Finance   ●   Pornography   ●   Profanity   ●   Purity   ●   Racism in the U.S.   ●   Riverdale   ●   Sabbath & Rest   ●   School Shootings   ●   Sexting   ●   Sexual Assault   ●   Shame Free Parenting   ●   Smartphone Addiction   ●   Smartphones   ●   Snapchat   ●   Social Media   ●   Spotify   ●   Spring Break   ●   Stranger Things   ●   Suicide and Self Harm   ●   Talking About Death   ●   Tattoos   ●   Teen Dating   ●   Teen FOMO   ●   Teen Identity   ●   Teen Privacy   ●   Teen Singleness   ●   Teen Slang   ●   Teens & Alcohol   ●   Teens & Opioids   ●   Thanksgiving   ●   The Sex Talk   ●   TikTok   ●   Twitch   ●   Vaping/Juuling   ●   Video Games   ●   Walking Through Grief   ●   YouTube

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Anxiety   ●   Bible   ●   Bullying   ●   Dating   ●   Drugs   ●   Doubt   ●   Emotion   ●   Evangelism   ●   Friendship  ●   Gender   ●   Gossip   ●   Identity   ●   Leadership   ●   Life   ●   Money   ●   Porn   ●   Prayer   ●   Racism   ●   Relationships   ●   Sexuality   ●   Social Media   ●   Spiritual Warfare   ●   Suicide   ●   Video Games

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● Gen-Z Faith Summit Gospel-Centered Sexuality Summit Mental Health Summit (1.0 & 2.0) ● Parent Pivot Challenge Parenting Relationships Summit Parenting Teens Summit ● Porn, Shame, and the Christian Teen Raising Gen-Z Summit ● Spiritual Growth Summit ● Technology & Teens Summit ● Understand Your Teen Summit

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The Culture Translator

Translating pop culture to help parents and caring adults understand and disciple their teenagers.

Each week, our team researches culture to help you stay up to date on the music, movies, TV shows, and social media trends impacting your kid’s world.

Parenting Today's Youth Together

Being a parent today is hard. According to Common Sense Media, the average teenager will spend about 9 hours a day with screen-based technology. For over a decade, we’ve been creating resources to help bridge the gap between parents, caring adults, and the next generation. We’re a group of gospel-minded researchers, speakers, and content creators, and we’re excited to bring you the best of what we’ve learned about making meaningful connections with the teens in your life.

— Toben Heim, Chief Operating Officer

Parenting Topics

... and much more

Relevant Resources for Today's Families

Join our community and access relevant resources produced each month to equip you for better conversations. From elementary to high school and beyond, Axis is here to help you tackle the tough topics that your kids are facing, one conversation at a time.     






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