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Axis Books

In addition to our digital resources, Axis has a series of book offerings. These are similar to the digital Parent Guides but are more comprehensive and dive deeper into a variety of topics. Review our current book offerings below. Visit for bulk order requests.

Connecting in Chaos Parent Guide Book Bundle

Included Parent Guides: Tough Conversations, Cancel Culture, Racism in the United States, Walking through Grief, Talking about Death

The five parent guides in this bundle offer deep insights and clear strategies for confronting difficult topics with your teen. Many of these topics trigger complex emotions and can intimidate parents away from broaching the subject for fear of doing it wrong or making things awkward. The concise format and conversational style make the guides accessible and understandable. Parents will feel empowered to strengthen their relationships with their kids through tough times.

Mental & Sexual Health Parent Guide Book Bundle

Included Parent Guides: The Sex Talk, Pornography, Sexual Assault, Suicide & Self-Harm Prevention, Depression & Anxiety

The Parent’s Guides to Mental & Sexual Health unravel parents’ fears about breaching sensitive topics like sex, pornography, sexual assault, suicide, self-harm, depression, and anxiety. They give parents an awareness of the cultural messages teens are receiving on these topics and provide parents an avenue to reach their teens where they are at.

Finding True Identity Parent Guide Book Bundle

Included Parent Guides: Teen Identity, LGBTQ+ and Your Teen, Body Positivity, Eating Disorders, Fear and Worry

The Parent’s Guides to Finding True Identity bundle is for parents wondering what influences their teens today and how to guide them to be the best versions of themselves using biblical wisdom and engaging discussion questions. Each of these five booklets focuses on a different area of identity formation.

Social Media Parent Guide Book Bundle

Included Parent Guides: Teen FOMO, Influencers, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube

It’s common for parents to feel lost in their teen’s world. They can sift through the social media slang, texting shorthand, and viral quotes, and still feel disconnected and confused. Axis Parent’s Guide to Social Media is a generational translator of a teen’s world, featuring easy-to-understand explanations, relevant descriptions, and life applications. This book bundle includes all five of our newly released books on parenting in the age of social media.

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