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What is a Conversation Kit?

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This Conversation Kit contains 3 short, easily consumable videos, a discussion guide, and a worksheet.

These video conversation starters help you learn and discuss these important issues with your teens in a non-awkward, fun way. Conversation Kits bring generations together around a common gospel.

These videos are intended to be watched by you and your teen/pre-teen. We designed these conversations kits to spark meaningful conversations between you and your teen on the topics that matter most. 

Your children are bombarded with messages about money day in and day out. Help them develop a healthy and biblical view of money and satisfaction with our Conversation Kit about…well…money. 

About the Money Conversation Kit

The Money Conversation Kit helps guide you and your teens through a conversation about the Bible – what it is, what it tells us, and its centrality around Jesus. 


You’ll Get…

  •  – 3 videos delivered right to your inbox 
  •  – Discussion questions to prompt further conversation with your teen
  •  – Worksheets to help you and your child learn more about Biblical finances and money together
Money Conversation guide

Our Gift to You!

You’ll receive the Money Conversation Kit 3-part video and PDF guides to help spark a conversation around the Bible.

Reviews for Axis

“I wish there were 100s of groups like Axis. We are losing the next generation. We need help from people like Axis to reach teenagers.” Tim Keller, PhD, Author & Pastor 


“I applaud the way Axis communicates to young people and parents. They are deeply in touch with student culture and trends. Masterful job.” Kara Powell, PhD, Author, & Director of Fuller Youth Institute 


“I find the work of Axis relevant and insightful as a parent and as a researcher on demographic trends. Our team has read your columns with great interest finding many of the same trends in our research.” Brooke Hempell, SVP Research, Barna Global 


“Axis is made up of young people reaching young people. Axis resources are relevant and speak to teens’ hearts.” Jim Daly, President of Focus on the Family 


“Axis is more effective than any group I know in confronting student apathy.” John Stonestreet, Colson Center President & Breakpoint Host 


“Axis is on the cutting edge of training students and parents how to think biblically about culture, media, and technology.” Sean McDowell, PhD, Professor, Speaker, Author

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