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Whether it's an Axis Small Talks video, a Parent Guide, or a Conversation Kit, you'll find some of our best (and free) resources for starting gospel centered, life-changing conversations with your kids right here.


Axis Small Talks: Human Trafficking

Today, more than 40 million people are enslaved around the world. This Small Talks will give you a brief overview of human trafficking, along with some practical tips for how your family can make a difference.

Start Having Conversations That Lead To Stronger Relationships:

Conversation Kit - Money

The Money Conversation Kit explores why our culture places so much emphasis on acquiring wealth, what we tend to place our trust in for security, and why our true identity is in Christ.

Conversation Kit - Anxiety

This Conversation Kit helps distinguish between anxiety and fear, provides ways to get to the root of anxiety, explores ways redemptive community can help, and more!

Conversation Kit - Social Media

A blessing and a curse - social media can equally be a tool for loving, intentional outreach or a dangerous, total waste of time. Learn how your family can set boundaries.

Conversation Kit - Doubt

The Doubt Conversation Kit covers what doubt looks like and how it affects us, whether it’s something that should scare us, and healthy ways of walking through it.

An Axis Membership Connects Parents, Teens & Jesus in a Disconnected World

An Axis Membership gives parents and mentors hope by being their guide through culture and helping them start conversations that center around Jesus.

Through this membership, we deliver trustworthy & gospel-centered written, video and audio resources on the topics that matter most to you and your kids.
Whether you're struggling with culture, technology, faith, or identity, your membership will make life’s tough conversations just a bit easier.

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