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November 6, 2020

Top 2020 Presidential Election Memes (So Far)

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It’s election time, and if you’re anything like the rest of us you’re probably feeling anxious about the future of our nation. The 2020 election has brought a wave of new voters, pushing for the highest voter outcome since 1908. Today the nation sits back in agony watching the red and blue bars fluctuate, trying to keep what little sanity we’ve got left in such a polarized election. 

Thankfully, Gen Z is doing what they do best to manage the stress: making hilarious memes. While some memes have been used pointedly at opposing political parties, most are merely jokes to express the different stresses we’re all going through as we wait to see who will win the 2020 election. 

2020 presidential election memes 

There are countless US election memes out there, but we’ve got some of the top memes trending right now! We hope these bring you a chuckle or two to break the tension. And remember, these are meant to be funny! Try not to take them too seriously, because we’re all just trying to survive this wild ride of an election, and for Gen Z, memes are the best way they know how. (P.S. Invite your teen to look at these with you and share your favorites so far!)

1. Voters are more than ready to hear the results of the election, and when states say they won’t have the ballots counted for a while, it can be pretty frustrating. Even though we’re sure they’re working incredibly hard, from the outside it feels like they must be frolicking about, throwing our ballots around without a care in the world...


2. …or maybe they’re taking it slow, reaalllllll slow.


3. Let’s face it, we’re all emotionally drained from all the stress and anticipation that comes with the voting process. If we don’t look like this on the outside, we probably feel like it on the inside. But, hey! We can still feel proud for our contribution to the election. 


4. This meme will have you wondering: Are we watching the election or the NFL? Just by adding some NFL music over the election commentary, we’re suddenly rooting for our political party like our favorite football team. 


5. For those in school, the election may have felt even more overwhelming! Balancing an unsure future, time differences, and exams all at once, many of us can relate to tired ole Mona Lisa here.


6. This TikTok trend with Jesus’ betrayal fits perfectly with the election. While the Last Supper reading is obviously about looking for Judas, now we’re looking for the state that voted for our opposing political candidate. Whether you’re rooting for Biden or Trump, many of us have felt this sense of betrayal as several states are going against the norm when it comes to their projected majority vote.


7. Our nation is so polarized that many worry this election will spark a civil war, no matter who wins. Luckily, we have this US election meme that takes this idea to a ridiculous extreme.

And there you have it, a bunch of 2020 presidential election memes to take at least a little bit of the stress of the political climate away. We’re willing to bet your teen has been inundated with tons of US election memes over the last few days, so ask them what their favorite one is so far and laugh together. Because if we can’t laugh through the pain, what else are we gonna do?

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