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An Axis Course On How to Talk With Gen Z About Gender and Sexuality

Over the next five movements, our goal is to equip parents and other caring adults to have compassionate, courageous, and biblically-based conversations about gender and sexuality.

This material is meant to equip you with the tools you need to have healthy and ongoing discussions on these complicated subjects. These tools include:

  • Definitions of important terminology, including the LGBTQQIAAP acronym
  • Verses and examples from the Bible that frame the purpose of sex and a biblical sexual ethic
  • A self-check in to help you process your own emotions surrounding gender and sexuality
  • Research-backed advice for how and when to approach these conversations in your household
  • Practical recommendations for how to talk with your teen if they have come out to you or expressed confusion over their gender or sexual identity

But before we go into any of that, in Movement I, we want to give a broad overview of how Gen Z thinks about gender and sexuality, as well as provide a framework for how to have the kinds of conversations Jesus did while He walked the Earth.