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Epilogue + Three Courageous Conversations

An Axis Course On How to Talk With Gen Z About Gender and Sexuality


When it comes to conversations about gender and sexuality, they will almost always feel scary. We want our kids to have a biblical approach to their own sexuality or gender. But it is important to realize that this conversation is extremely personal, even intimate to our kids—so it’s important to ease into it.

To think that anything major is going to shift because of a single conversation is misguided. Deep issues like gender and sexuality will require many, many conversations to fully address. The great news is that as a parent, you have years and years over which you can have these conversations. Your influence can extend far beyond the years that your child has in your home. In fact, many parents report that conversations became more meaningful after their kids left the house.

It can be easy to put pressure on yourself to influence or change a way that your child is thinking or behaving. In fact, for many parents there will be sleepless nights and anxious days as our kids walk down paths that we don’t want to see them tread. This is the time to give whatever the issue is up to the Lord. As parents sometimes we try to play the role of the Holy Spirit, but when we do, we’re trying to affect a change that only He is capable of.

Our encouragement to you is this: if and when your kids decide to adopt a new identity, be it LGBTQ+ or anything else, it is not time to panic. It is time to love that child more deeply, and more fully. It is time to take long drives or go out to dinner and share life together. It is time to affirm the good in them. And God is faithful. When the time comes, you will have a chance to share your true heart, and your child will be more likely to receive it because the relationship, the bond, will be strong enough to handle it.

Three Courageous Conversations

Thanks for using How to Talk With Gen Z About Gender and Sexuality! In addition to our 5 movements, Lisa Fields at Jude 3 also hosted three powerful conversations between parents and teens. We hope these videos are helpful, encouraging, and give additional perspective on how to have these crucial conversations with Gen Z.

A Dad and His Teen:

Talking with Teens:

Talking with Parents: