Video Games Guide

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Teens love video games, and their love for them only increases each year. In fact, many parents have asked us how they can keep them from playing all day every day. If you don’t understand games at all or just want to take a bird’s eye view of the modern world of gaming.

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What's in this guide?

  • —Game on
  • —What terms and slang should I know?
  • —Why do teens love video games?
  • —Is it still something that appeals mainly to males?
  • —How does the video game ratings system work?
  • —Video games aren’t good for my teen, right?
  • —What gives parents the most trouble with their kids and video games?
  • —What can I do to keep my teen’s gaming healthy (without arguing about it)?
  • —When should I start worrying?
  • —How should I handle unhealthy gaming?
  • —Any last words?
  • —Additional Resources

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