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It is important to people that they have a place to belong. But often times in an effort to fit in we allow culture to tell us who we are supposed to be. We are told what it looks like to be a man or be a woman and are expected to put on a mask that represents whoever we are supposed to be in the moment. We end up having a hard time knowing who we really were created to be. But God desires much more for us and already knows who we were created to be. He wants us to hand out identity and value over to him and let him heal our brokenness.

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What Is It?

Conversation Kits help you show teens how faith is relevant to every aspect of their lives. Whether you’re in a school, church, or home, our fast-paced Conversation Kits will use what your teens love to engage them with deep biblical truth and help you start great conversations.

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Each session comes with a Conversation Guide to help you break down what was presented.

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