Snapchat Guide


Why are teens so obsessed with Snapchat?! And what do they even do on it? This guide will help you better understand the app itself, why it’s appealing, and how to have conversations about it with your teens.

Pages: 10

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What's in this guide?

  • —What is Snapchat?
  • —What’s a Snapchat “Story”?
  • —What’s the difference between “My Story” and “Our Story”?
  • —What’s a “Snapstreak”?
  • —What do emojis next to users’ names mean?
  • —What’s Snapcash?
  • —What are Snap Maps?
  • —Any other notable features?
  • —What if I don’t want my teen to see specific stories?
  • —Why do my teens use it so often?!
  • —Who can see my child’s Snaps?
  • —What are the dangers?
  • —Can I see who my child is friends with?
  • —Is it bad to ask to be friends with my child?
  • —Can I access my child’s account? Should I?
  • —Are there Parental Controls? How do I use them?
  • —At what age should I let my child use it?
  • —How do I talk with my kids about the app and its effects?
  • —How do I delete the app or an account?
  • —My child is sexting! Now what?!
  • —Final thoughts
  • —Related Axis Resources
  • —Additional Resources

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