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Teens Want to Learn More About Jesus, but Don’t Know Where to Start

Every day, teens navigate a world filled with tough topics and difficult decisions. Yet, despite these challenges, over half of Gen Z teens want to learn more about Jesus.

That’s why we’ve made all our resources free for everyone.

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    • Our resources have reached hundreds of thousands of families, parents and teens around the world— and it’s just the beginning.

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Hear From Parents Like You

  • We often use your questions from your emails for our time around the dinner table, which has allowed for some deep, thought-provoking conversations. Our oldest was struggling with social anxiety after starting a new school, and your Conversation Kit on anxiety gave him encouragement, education, and practical tools to use.

  • The Culture Translator is one of the most useful things I have ever subscribed to. I am not culturally in tune at all, so even something as basic as Song of the Week has helped connect to our students in such fundamental ways.

  • I am very thankful for how you curate your materials and engage to equip us to navigate culture with our teens. The questions you ask to help inspire and prompt parent questions/dialog with their teens are spot-on. Your tone perfectly accompanies the information you present: you are not alarmist; you are full of faith and curiosity, and it oozes out of every word and section. Bravo! Thankful to be partners with you in discipleship.

  • My 14-year-old daughter and I have been picking Conversation Kits and watching them together in the evenings before bed. It's been a great jumping-off point for thoughtful, meaningful conversation!

  • I love the weekly email updates. It helps me understand my kids and some of the ways they may encounter the world that is different from my own experience growing up. It helps me get into their world and be with them instead of just being confused. So, thank you!

  • Axis has become a trusted resource for me. As a man, husband, and father of three trying to apply Christian Biblical principles to all of life, I highly value the insights that Axis provides. The Culture translator email and podcast is always thought provoking and gives me great ways to continue the "one conversation" with my three teenagers. The topic guides provide me with intelligent and well-reasoned approaches to some of the most challenging topics we discuss in our family. In fact, these resources have helped me in my personal discipleship and challenge me to think Biblically and clearly about the way I engage the culture.

  • Axis is the real deal; the real salt and light that is needed for this generation.

  • Hi, I am a parent and a pastor using I love it! I tried it years ago when it first started, and liked it, but could never get parents from our church to buy in and make it possible to pay the membership. Now that you are donor based I LOVE using the resources, and love donating when we do. As a parent the social media Kit was a huge help in preparing to allow our 15 year old the use of snap chat.

  • I have used Axis resources to be an available resource for parents who approach me with specific questions regarding their students. Axis allows me to have a library of helpful information on hand. I am no expert, but I have expert advice ready and available for many diverse situations.

  • As my son gets older, it's harder to connect. He's establishing himself as a young man, and it can be hard to open up about personal things. But the conversation kits from Axis make it SO EASY to bring up tough topics in a non-confrontational way.

  • I was a youth pastor for 17 years, so I've been able to approach topics with other people's teens;but when they're yours, I needed help. I'm walking through the porn conversation kit with my son currently. Is it awkward, maybe for my son...but I am grateful for this resource to help me in helping him.