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Summer Edition

Get Your Parent's Guide to Summer 2024!

Unlock conversations on the topics your teen is already thinking about. In this guide you will find:

  • Research on Cultural Topics
  • Links to Valuable Resources
  • Conversation Starters
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Axis Believes That Parents Are Unstoppable

When it comes to shaping the faith of your teen, research shows that parents who are well-equipped and culturally literate are key to influencing the next generation of Christians.

While it has never been easy to be a teenager, in today’s world the challenge is exponentially greater.  Axis is here to help.

Here Is What's Included

  • Summer Edition

    A Parent's Guide to 2024

    One Summer | Unlimited Conversations

    • This guide is designed as a cultural glossary for Christian parents. Each section provides research and thoughts on cultural topics and equips you for key conversations as they become relevant.


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  • Topics

      • Smartphones
      • Screentime
      • Artificial Intelligence
      • Social Media
      • Movies & TV
      • Video Games
      • Music
      • Mental Health
      • Gender & Sexuality
      • Social Issues
      • Faith & Religion

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