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Demystifying World Religions

A video series designed to answer your questions and strengthen your faith.

Thanks to the generosity of Axis donors, we were able to create this video resource series and make it available to you for free!

Episode 1: Islam

So why don’t Muslims believe Jesus is God? Are there any similarities between Islam and Christianity? Let’s unpack its ancient origins, the 5 pillars of Muslim devotion, and discover why there are over 1.5 billion faithful followers in the world today.

Episode 2: Hinduism

Did you know there are surprising similarities between Hinduism and Christianity? Let’s dive in and discuss the Hindu view of God and the Hindu deities, and discover the many celebrations and worship practices of Hinduism.

Episode 3: Buddhism

What do you know about the ancient origins of Buddhism? With over 470 million followers, this world religion has a huge and longstanding following. Let’s learn together and contrast the hope offered in Buddhism with the hope found in the gospel.

Episode 4: Judaism

So what does Judaism look like in modern times? Let’s examine the Talmud, the 613 commandments, and some of the major Jewish celebrations like Yom Kippur and Shabbat. And let’s discover some of the differences and similarities between Judaism and Christianity.

Episode 5: Christianity

Dive into Christianity with us as we discuss its origins, what Christians really believe, and how a handful of dedicated men and women grew this following into one of the most powerful and influential religions in the world. And unveil the most famous and most beloved person in all of history: Jesus of Nazareth.

Episode 6: Putting Your Faith Into Practice

Now that we’ve looked at some of the major world religions, we are asking one question: What does it look like to be a Christian in a world that doesn’t believe what you believe? To help answer this question, we’ve interviewed students who walk in those shoes every day. Join us as we hear a few of their perspectives. 

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