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January 20, 2020

What Gives You Hope? A Glimmer of Positivity on Twitter

If you’re like most people, hope can be hard to find. When you’re in the middle of struggles, pain, heartache, mental health issues, family difficulties, or even when you simply read the news, it can feel like there’s no hope left. We feel you. That’s why Scott Hechinger’s, a Brooklyn public defender, recent Twitter thread was a light in a dark spot. On January 11, he tweeted a simple question: “What, if anything, gives you hope?” The responses did not disappoint and may just restore your hope in humanity and faith in God.

A simple question was asked


The responses were profound

What gives you hope? What about your teen? Share a few of these responses with your children, as well as your own thoughts on hope, to get the discussion going. Discover what, or whom, they place their hope in today!

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