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April 13, 2020

Top 10 TikTok Trends Right Now

If your teen liked TikTok before all of the quarantine madness, there’s a pretty good chance they’re completely obsessed with it now. Because of the quarantine, teens are flocking to TikTok in droves all around the world. It’s one of the few connections to others outside of the four walls of their house, so it’s no wonder they’re using the platform so much.

While the appeal may not be as obvious to you, new challenges, dances, and hashtags are continuously shaping the lives of your teens. Don’t be out of the loop, keep reading to learn about the top 10 trends on the app right now.

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1. #ProGamer


The drop on this revenge remix is insane 😱 ##ProGamer ##vr ##virtualreality ##gaming ##beatsaber

♬ original sound – lstoast

This is the hashtag for anything and everything gaming related. If your teen is an avid gamer, they’re probably keeping up to date with these TikToks (especially since video game use has skyrocketed due to quar life). Gamers post videos of themselves playing games, making jokes about popular games, updating gamers on new releases and happenings in the gaming world, etc.

2. #OpenForDelivery


since this is trending now, figured we should post part 6 of thank you delivery drivers 🙂 ##OpenForDelivery ##smallgestures ##happyathome ##delivery ##fyp

♬ #OpenForDelivery – DoorDash

Most of these all share the same instrumental tune in the background of their videos. You’ll see a range of content, but some of the best and most popular videos are actually based on thanking their delivery drivers. Is this something you and your teen could do together? Ask them if they’d like to make a TikTok in which you do something really nice for the person delivering your food!

3. #KeepingBusy


I said if this goes in it’s going viral… I don’t make the rules. Took 5 hours just for a like that takes 1 second 😭 ##foryou ##foryoupage ##xyzbca

♬ bed time – marika.paprika

As you may have already guessed, this one is all about keeping busy and fighting boredom! The TikToks in the #KeepingBusy thread range wildly from cleaning and productivity to beauty tips and editing photos. It’s literally anything the TikTokker wants to share with the public on how they’re staying busy. The video linked above shows a crazy obstacle course that sends one ball through an entire house, knocking over books, dominoes, and getting blown up hallways by fans, until finally another ball gets pushed into a cup of water. Think you and your teen can top that?

4. #HappyEaster


chicks in skirts ##fyp ##foryoupage ##foryou ##levelup ##CookieWithACause ##bookclub ##chicksinskirts ##easter ##chicks

♬ you would not believe your eyes – mr.mealtica

Easter is over but the TikToks live on. It’s an entire hashtag dedicated to all things Easter…need we say more?

5. #LifeAtHomeQuiz


Quiz with my sister @ferdeleonn ##foryou ##funny ##like 🤣

♬ cannibal remix – slowmo.soundds


There’s a filter on TikTok that acts as a sort of game called “Life At Home Quiz.” It’s a two-player game that asks a bunch of questions, and you tilt your head to the right or to the left to answer. It asks questions like who watches the most TV, who’s tried something they saw on TikTok, who’s got better at-home style, and more. Try it out with your teen!

6. #PetLife


my dog vibing to my singing x ##fyp

♬ original sound – mar_y1

What better way to distract yourself from the cares of life than by watching adorable videos of pets?! They’re fluffy, they’re charming, and they’re (rightfully) all over TikTok. Does your pet deserve to shine like the rest of these TikTok animals? Make a cute or funny video with your kid and post it for the world to give your pet the attention it deserves.

7. #BestFandom


We ❤️ LMFAO! Plz repost and share LMFAO Fandom! Nvr 4get 2 shuffle!

♬ original sound – thedawndishsoap

It’s all things fandom in one massive hashtag. These are TikToks centered on every fandom imaginable: Harry Styles, Gossip Girl, Marvel characters, Harry Potter, and, well, you get the picture. Who is your teen’s fav character or artist?

8. #SiblingCheck


This TikTok cost us $17. 😂😂😂 ##greenscreen ##siblings ##imjustakid ##cake ##brothersister

♬ I’m Just a Kid – Simple Plan

There are tons of different versions of “checks” on TikTok. To say “check” after another word or phrase basically just means to “check this out.” So the sibling check, for example, is any video that shows the life of your siblings. It can be sweet and nostalgic or hilarious and weird; either way, you’re inviting the audience to learn a little more about your siblings by posting a video about them on TikTok.

9. #WorkDistractions


me when im trying to work and my daughter comes to bother me: ##fyp ##quarantine ##presentationnight ##bringitback @makaylapelaez

♬ original sound – yay4cats

If we’ve learned anything from working remotely, it’s that we totally underestimated the peace and quiet our boring offices once allowed us. Has your teen tried to distract you from working lately? This might be why. (P.S. hopefully this reminds you that you’re definitely not alone in the work from home struggle.)

10. #IndoorWorkout


The day this is over, imma be ready for summer ahahahaha ##foryoupage ##fitchallenge ##fitness ##momanddaughter ##gymchallenge

♬ Original Sound – Unknown

To fight what many are calling the “quarantine 15,” there are lots of TikTokkers sharing their personal workout regimes for the betterment of their fellow peers. Maybe you and your teen can replicate one and start working out at home together!

We hope this brought you up to date on the happenings of TikTok and ultimately your teen’s world! And if you’re still at a loss for what all of these trends mean, the best place to go is straight to your teen. Ask them what they find interesting, funny, unique, or helpful on TikTok.

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