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Connecting Parents, Teens, & Jesus in a Disconnected World

The Culture Translator

A weekly email to help you stay up to date on the music, movies, TV shows, and social media trends impacting your kid’s world.

Equipping You for Conversations that Last a Lifetime

Our vision is to see all caring adults equipped with the conversation, discipleship, and culture translation skills needed to reach the next generation for Christ. We invite you to learn more about the resources Axis offers to equip you for conversations with your teens. Build your teen’s lifelong faith in Jesus by tackling tough topics together, one conversation at a time.

  • Fear can be crippling as a parent in today’s culture. Axis has been a very valuable resource in helping me understand the culture so I can better connect with my teens and not let fear, doom, and gloom dominate our conversations.

    Valerie, Mom of 3
  • Axis resources have helped me to have context for things my teens have mentioned about pop culture. Without Axis, I wouldn't have been able to confidently engage with them about what they care about.

    Jeanie, Mom of 3
  • Before getting my oldest son a cell phone, I exhausted the Axis site and resources and used your information to start conversations with my son and my other two kids about the internet, privacy and being safe and secure online