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Build your teen’s lifelong faith in Jesus by tackling tough topics together, one conversation at a time.

Access relevant resources to help you have better conversations with your kids.

Strong relationships are built through never-ending conversations.

Equipping you to navigate conversations with your kids around today's issues.

The Culture Translator

Translating pop culture to help parents and caring adults understand and disciple their teenagers.

Each week, our team researches culture to help you stay up to date on the music, movies, TV shows, and social media trends impacting your kid’s world.

Equipping You for Conversations that Last a Lifetime

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Dear Fellow Parents,

Being a parent today is hard. According to Common Sense Media, the average teenager will spend about 9 hours a day with screen-based technology. Between social media apps like Tik Tok, Mixer, Discord, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitch, Marco Polo, and YouTube, video streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, music streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify, and video games like Among Us, Fortnite, and Super Smash Bros. — there is now more competition for our time and attention than ever before.

We’re Axis, and since 2007, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of parents navigate conversations with their teens, and we’ve spoken directly with just as many students. For over a decade, we’ve been creating resources to help bridge the gap between parents, caring adults, and the next generation. We’re a group of gospel-minded researchers, speakers, and content creators, and we’re excited to bring you the best of what we’ve learned about making meaningful connections with the teens in your life.

Toben Heim, Chief Operating Officer

Understanding Generation Z

Are you looking at today’s teenagers and wondering how their views on sexuality, government, and life in general can be so drastically different from yours?

Let’s take a look at how generations have changed over time, what has shaped Gen Z’s views on life, and how that knowledge can help you connect with your kids better.

Relevant Resources for Today's Families

Parenting together from elementary to high school and beyond.

Empowering Parents Together

"Fear can be crippling as a parent in today's culture. Axis has been a very valuable resource in helping me understand the culture so I can better connect with my teens and not let fear, doom, and gloom dominate our conversations."
Valerie, Mom of 3

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