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Parents, You Are The Hero

You Are The Hero

There is no one more influential in the life of a teen than their parent. No one. Parents are the God-ordained hero the rising generation needs. However, at this point in history, there are five life-threatening challenges facing families

Your Research Assistant

Axis is a Christian 501(c)(3) Non-Profit that helps 300k+ parents, grandparents, & caring adults talk with their 600k+ teens about what they otherwise wouldn’t … one conversation at a time. Axis’ One Conversation Model is based on the belief that a parent will have a lifelong, Deuteronomy 6, conversation with their kid, & Axis will support that conversation for 10 years during the ages 8 to 18.

Axis creates 300+ resources each year to support parents because Axis wants Jesus to be at the Center of your family’s axis.

We are losing the next generation and we need help from people like Axis to reach teenagers.— Dr. Tim Keller

The Stakes Are High

Everyone Is Discipling The Rising Generation

The are so many new challenges facing parents & teens that it is easy to lose hope. However, there is amazing news! Parents are an unstoppable force for good. No one else gets close to the influence parents have on the rising generation. Parents, you have what it takes. Keep the “One Conversation” going. We believe in you & we are in your corner.