Talking About Death Guide

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How do we respond when death crashes into our awareness? How will your teen handle news of school shootings, virus outbreaks, and opioid overdoses? This is the world that your teen is navigating, and they need your guidance. In courageously facing the reality of death, there is an invitation for you and your teen to focus on what really matters in life.

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What's In This Guide?

  • Why should we talk about death?
  • How should Christians think about death?
  • But will I traumatize my teen?
  • How should I talk to my kid about death?
  • Why is talking about death so hard?
  • How does the death of a loved one impact a teen?
  • What if death seems appealing to my teen?
  • What does my teen need?
  • What if I don’t know what to say?
  • Reflection Questions
  • Discussion Questions
  • Recap

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