Boredom Guide

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This Parent Guide talks about how to respond when our teens complain about being bored, as well as whether filling every minute with activities is the best solution. We’ll explore when and whether boredom might actually be a good thing, how our understanding of success and productivity impacts the way we use our time, and how to help our families redeem the experience of boredom.

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What's in This Guide?

  • What to do when there’s nothing to do?
  • So, what is boredom?
  • Wait, do we even have time to be bored?
  • Why does boredom matter?
  • Why do we dislike boredom so much?
  • What can boredom tell us?
  • Why should I talk with my teen about boredom?
  • How can we help teens steward boredom well?
  • Recap
  • Discussion Questions

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