K-Pop & BTS Guide


Hallyu? J-Hope? BTS? If you’re not sure what any of this means, you’ve come to the right place! This Parent Guide will help you understand the K-pop phenomenon, as well as learn more about the K-pop group currently reigning supreme.

Pages: 12

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What's in This Guide?

  • • Across the pond
  • • What is K-pop?
  • • How many people are in each group?
  • • Why do the men wear makeup?
  • • How does my teen even know about K-pop?
  • • Why do teens like it when it’s not in English?
  • • So who is BTS?
  • • Are they really that popular? Why am I just learning about them?
  • • What do they sing about? Should I be concerned?
  • • So BTS has a strong fan base?
  • • How do I talk to my teens about K-pop when I don’t understand it or its appeal?
  • • Final thoughts
  • • Recap
  • • Discussion Questions
  • • Related Axis Resources
  • • Additional Resources

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