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This is Everything You Need to… That’s a phrase everyone who works with formative minds and hearts want to hear. “…to disciple teens.” “…to build lifelong...
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Vol. 4 Issue 52 | December 28, 2018

2018: A Year in Review Pop culture may not imitate life, but it certainly reveals it. If you want to know what our society thinks about…

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Understanding tricky issues like gender, pornography, suicide, and drugs as well as philosophical concepts like evangelism, leadership, identity, and relationships with teens can be missed in...
Vol. 4 Issue 46 | November 16, 2018

Three Things This Week 1. High School Sieg Heil What it is: A six-month-old Wisconsin high school prom photo went viral this week when people finally…

Vol. 4 Issue 41 | October 12, 2018

Three Things This Week 1. Environmental Apocalypse? What it is: The United Nations released a disturbing scientific report forecasting a global climate crisis by 2040 if…

Vol. 4 Issue 31 | August 3, 2018

Three Things This Week 1. You did it! What it is: Thanks to you we met our goal for Axis Giving Day! Woot! Why it’s humbling:…

Vol. 4 Issue 24 | June 15, 2018

Something special for you this edition…The Culture Translator Premium is the most in-depth pop cultural analysis you can get from The CT team. More than just…

Vol. 4 Issue 18 | May 4, 2018

Three Things This Week 1. Scouts What it is: Boy Scouts announced it’s dropping the “boy” from its flagship program because “the cornerstone qualities of the…

Vol. 4 Issue 17 | April 27, 2018

Three Things This Week 1. Avicii What it is: The popular Swedish EDM artist and DJ, best known for “Wake Me Up,” was found dead last…