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November 22, 2022

Free Christian Parenting Resources for Better Parenting

Have you ever heard the phrase “it takes a village” in reference to raising kids? The job of parenting your children and raising them to be strong Christians (and functioning human adults) is a lot of responsibility. But fortunately for you, there are an abundance of resources out there for you when you are parenting your kids. These Christian parenting resources offer free tips, tricks, and support for the important work of raising your kids.

Christian Parenting Organizations


Axis is a great resource for all your parenting needs. We know the real work of raising kids in this complicated and challenging world, so we have compiled these resources for raising strong kids in the 21st century. Our Culture Translator is a weekly email that comes straight to your inbox and helps you unpack the ever-changing world of teens, from lingo to pop culture. And our Conversation Kits help you have those hard conversations with your kids about the topics that the Bible doesn’t have clear answers on (like doubt, depression, and social media usage).

We at Axis want to equip you to parent to the best of your abilities with these resources.

Culture Translator

Conversation Kits

Focus on the Family

Focus on the Family is a giant name in the Christian parenting industry. They provide a plethora of resources for parents in all stages of parenting. Their Focus on Parenting podcast is released multiple times a week and covers topics from relationships with grandparents to loving your kids well. Focus on the Family also offers quality publications like Adventures in Odyssey (a beloved radio drama series for kids of all ages) and Plugged In (a movie review site that keeps a Christian worldview at the forefront of all their reviews).

They also have published a variety of parenting books to help parents raise their children with Biblical principles in mind.

Christian Parenting Books and Podcasts

the culture translator by axis.orgThe Axis Podcast Network

The Axis Podcast Network includes multiple podcasts that will help you stay up to date with what the kids are saying, and learn how to have deep and meaningful conversations with your kids. The Culture Translator Podcast, the Deep Dive Podcast, and the One Conversation Podcast all focus on you having the best relationship with your children and learning to talk with them well

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the courageous parenting podcast by isaac and angie tolpinCourageous Parenting

The Courageous Parenting Podcast is a weekly podcast that provides parental and marital support to Christians. They release a new podcast every Tuesday and have covered topics like “how to deal with lying”, “how to spend one on one time with your kid”, and “marriage communication tips”.

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a book titled "the 14 gospel principals that can radically change your family"14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family

If you are a busy parent (carpooling, sports, school, playdates, work), it can be easy to lose sight of our ultimate purpose as parents. In this book, Paul Tripp offers parents more than just a parental to-do list. He presents us with a bird’s eye view of God’s plan for us as parents. This book is founded on the Gospel and gives parents the vision to parent their children for Christ.

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a parents guide to teen fomo from axis.orgA Parent’s Guide to Teen Fomo

Your teens want deep and meaningful relationships with friends and family, but FOMO (fear of missing out) can become a stressful burden that robs them of joy. When social media creates the illusion that everyone else is living a better life than you, depression and anxiety can creep in. This pocket-size guide is packed with explanations, tips, and discussion questions to help parents guide their teens to live FOMO-free.

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Other Parenting Resources

a liturgy for parents titled "to light their way"Liturgies for Parents

Remembering to pray throughout your busy day is a challenge. When the kids are screaming, the carpool line is long, and dinner is burning, we forget to pray for the small things in our lives. Liturgies for parents offers quick and simple prayers to remind you pray throughout your day and invite God into the nuances of your busy parenting life.

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awana logoAwanas

You may be familiar with Awanas (you may have even done Awanas yourself, once upon a time), but it is a great parenting resource. Awanas is a weekly activity where kids gather to read and memorize Scripture, play, worship, and have fun together. Awanas is typically run out of a church, so your local congregation may even have an Awanas branch already running! This activity is a great way to meet other Christians families and encourage your kids to hide God’s word in their hearts.

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the bible project logoThe Bible Project

Your child may have had the “my first Bible” picture book, but eventually they will need to start reading the Bible as a whole (hopefully reading it with you!). But as your kids start exploring Scripture, they are gonna need guidance and will probably be asking a lot of questions. The Bible Project is a great resource for parents and helps you unpack complex and heady theological concepts with your kids. Their videos are informative and fun to watch, and great for families to watch together.

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We know that you walk a careful balance when it comes to parenting your kids and teens through the 21st century.

Whether you are facing a tough conversation with your child and don’t have the words to begin, or you’re getting a jumpstart on the teenage years ahead, Axis is for you.

Join us as we parent together from elementary to high school and beyond.

Written in partnership with Reach The Lost

The Culture Translator

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