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October 9, 2020

Day 1 of the Parenting Pivot Challenge

Since the start of our Parenting Pivot Challenge, we’ve already had over 6,000 people join our Facebook group, and 10,000 people sign up for the challenge as a whole. People are sharing parenting struggles, offering advice, and praying for each other like crazy. This is already such an incredible community and we’d really love for you to be a part of it! 

To kick off our challenge, Axis co-founders David Eaton and Jeremiah Callihan gave a talk addressing the major issues parents like you are facing right now. We surveyed half a million parents, grandparents, youth leaders, and other caring adults to get to the root issues you really care about. We’ve based this series off of those issues to address what you care about as a caring adult!

From our survey, the top three issues we found in families were:

  1. Anxiety/depression 
  2. Screen time 
  3. Social media

Are these issues hitting home in your own family? We’re here to help. With so much chaos since the start of COVID-19, what we’ve realized is that this is a time to pivot in our parenting to address the changes that we and our children are facing. One great way we’ve found to address this chaos is by choosing abundant life by being led by God our shepherd, and learning to shepherd our own kids well. In Day 1 of the Parenting Pivot Challenge, David and Jeremiah discussed four awesome ways to live abundantly during this time:

  1. Ask your parents to pray for their grandkids. And more specifically, ask them to pray over how your kids should use their smartphones.
  2. Get a Charli from Dunkin’. This one is just for fun! Have you heard of Charli D’Amelio’s deal with Dunkin’? We’re willing to bet your teen has. Go order a Charli from Dunkin’ as a fun way to connect with your teen (and to treat yourself, of course).
  3. Experts, a team, and a community. Throughout this series, you’ll hear from an A-list of incredible experts to guide you through topics like mental health, technology, smartphone use, and more. And again, be sure to join the PPC Facebook group! We’ve got an amazing community of over 6,000 parents in this group sharing with one another the struggles their families are facing right now. Don’t miss out on fellowship with parents in the same boat as you. Join now and start living abundantly in community.
  4. Know that it’s ok to pivot. This is a crazy time in our lives, and we’re not going to do it perfectly. We simply encourage you to embrace change as you help your family to pivot.

Are you ready to jump in?

Through this challenge, we want you to embrace confidence in translating your teen’s culture with the Gospel. We’re going to help you pivot through this and grow in this together, because what’s important to us is you being able to have lifelong conversation with your teen. We are giving you our heart through this event. Our speakers will equip you to handle this new challenge of life, and we want to see you find hope. It’s not too late to join! We’re just getting started, and we hope you’ll jump in and learn with us. Sign up here!

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