Teen Slang | 2020 Glossary

Welcome to the world of teen slang. Lost? Confused? Unable to understand your teens? Don’t worry; you’re in good company. Keeping up with teen slang is nearly impossible. New words are constantly being introduced, thanks to the influence of music, the Internet, apps, and celebrities (not to mention regional vernacular!). You may feel overwhelmed and lost when listening to your students speaking, and it’ll only get worse when reading social media posts and hashtags. Use this list as a reference for what’s widely popular right now in order to translate what teens are saying.

(Important note: This is not a comprehensive list of terms. Check out our Parent’s Guide to Teen Slang for more than 120 words and definitions!)

This list draws from a variety of sources including Urban Dictionary (language) and StayHipp.

Fun, harmless, silly

(Psst! Don’t know what a VSCO Girl is? Find out here.)

Be aware of

Red flags

Stay in the know

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