LGBTQ+ & Your Teen Guide


LGBTQQIAAP? What does all that mean? How is it all affecting my kids? How can I talk to them about it? What does the Bible say about it all? How can I love others while sticking firmly to the Truth of God’s Word? Is that even possible? Do my Gen Z kids think it is? Check out this Guide for help with all of these questions!

Pages: 17

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What's in this guide?

  • —Today’s teens rely on the internet, dislike labels, and love their LGBTQ+ friends.
  • —What terms do I need to know?
  • —How does Gen Z view LGBTQ+ issues?
  • —What is shaping Gen Z’s perspective on LGBTQ+ issues?
  • —Are there other ways in which gender confusion is impacting our lives?
  • —What are the cultural values that have led us here?
  • —How has the Church responded poorly to the LGBTQ+ community?
  • —How can the Church respond well?
  • —What are some practical things I can do?
  • —Discussion Questions
  • —Conclusion
  • —Additional Axis Resource
  • Additional Resources

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