Mental Health:
Experts who want to help are here!
The next generation is struggling. Maybe you are struggling. 
Starting conversations about mental health has never been more important. 
We have rallied 12 EXPERTS in 4 of the biggest topics around mental health and suicide.

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 This 4-day-long digital event will showcase 12 interviews on 4 core topics. All interviews will be live to watch at your own pace from September 15th - 24th!

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4 Days.  12 Speakers.  1 Mission.

Day 1: 

Day 2: 
Anxiety & Depression

Day 3:
Porn, Sex, & addiction

Day 4:
Parenting through Mental Health

Jessie Minassian

Women's Identity: Beauty, Cutting, & Porn

Craig Groeschel

Raising Biblically Based World Changers

Dr. Les Parrott

Fostering Genuine, Healthy Relationships through Family

Dr. Mark Mayfield

Teen's Depression, Anxiety & Suicidal Thoughts 

Macy + Ginger Klein

Reasons to Have Open Communication 

Steve Arterburn

Understanding Depression and Anxiety in Teens

Chris Bruno

Why Are Teens Drawn to Pornography?

Dr. Doug Weiss

Addiction: Embracing Freedom and Restoration in Jesus

Dr. Juli Slattery

Sexuality in the Next Generation

Dr. Timothy Keller

Mentorship Model: Parenting through Today's Culture 

Ryan Dobson

Imperfect Parenting

Brett Ullman

Listening in the Midst of Struggle 

Featured Speakers

Dr. Timothy Keller

Author, The Reason for God

Craig Groeschel

Pastor at Life Church & Author

Jessie Minassian

Author & Speaker

These speakers will leave you feeling more equipped than ever to have deep, meaningful, and 
intentional conversations with your kids about mental health.

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Feel empowered to talk with your kid about mental health 
We hope you will join us and these mental health experts for this online FREE series September 15th - 22nd!
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