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A Parent’s Guide to Social Media 



Social Media Conversation Kit



A Parent’s Guide to Tough Conversations





Axis helps bridge the gap between caring adults and Gen Z by helping you navigate today’s culture and connect with your teen through meaningful conversations that last a lifetime. 


What can I expect to gain from these resources?

Social Media (Parent Guide + Conversation Kit) 

– It’s driver’s ed, but for social media.

-The big question: Do the experts think social media is good or bad?

-What’s different about how Gen Z uses social media?

-What do teens think about their social media use?

-Is social media neutral then? Does it all depend on how a person uses it?

-Why does this matter?

-What’s good about social media?

– What’s bad about it?

Tough Conversations (Parent Guide)

-What topics should I address when my kids are young?

-How do I initiate difficult conversations with my kids?

-What if my kids are teens and I haven’t laid the groundwork for these conversations?

-What should I do if I mess a conversation up?

-What are specific ways to reach out to Gen Z?

Culture Translator Premium

-Understand your teen’s culture and why it matters

– Have inspired conversations about things teens’ face every day

– 10 to 15 Relevant Topics to help you have relevant conversations

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