Axis Parent’s Guide to FOMO

Ever been afraid your friends and family are doing fun, exciting things without you? Ever felt like your life is so boring compared to others’? If so, you’ve experienced Fear Of Missing Out, a human experience. But teens today face FOMO on steroids, thanks to social media. This Guide gets to the heart of the issue, offering lots of ways to point teens back to true Joy.

Axis Parent’s Guide to Snapchat

Why are teens so obsessed with Snapchat?! And what do they even do on it? This guide will help you better understand the app itself, why it’s appealing, and how to have conversations about it with your teens. Welcome to the new generation’s newsstand.

Identity Conversation Kit

In this presentation, we examine the false things we look to for identity, why we wear masks, what identity in Christ really means, as well as how those things inform our general and specific callings as Christians. Use this to jumpstart your own discussions.

You may find your teens connecting with this video better than you because we’ll be using their cultural references to communicate. Enjoy learning from the videos and your teen!

Teen Culture Masterclass

These three sessions were produced to give you: parents, teachers, pastors instruction on how research and know teen culture today – because it will change tomorrow. After you learn a bit of it, how do you understand what is really being said and what the bigger messages of the cutlure are from popular cultural artifacts. The list of questions covered in these trainings goes on:

– How do I find the buzz points of teen culture?

– After I know the culture, how do I talk about it with my teens without sounding fake?

– How do I take the conversation about Cardi B, Fortnite, or Rick and Morty deeper than surface level questions?

– Is it possible to build and grow a lifelong faith in my teens through cultural conversations??!!

– When and where does culture meet faith?

These videos are largely for you, the adult and leader who will be having these “culture-meets-faith” conversation. Whereas the Identity Conversation Kit is great to watch with or show to a teen – these Masterclass trainings are best for you.

Culture Translator Premium (Free 3-month email subscription)

By purchasing the Understand Your Teen Summit – you will be getting this in-depth cultural email update for free for 3 months. Are you a researcher? Feel in the dark when your teens talk about Discord or Post Malone? Open this email every Friday when it arrives in your inbox.

After those three months, you can continue your CTP conversation here: OR you can find the free version (The Culture Translator) with just three things accompanied by some “translation” each week.

Not getting the Culture Translator Premium yet?? Email and our team will get you set up.