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The Topics: 
The reality of pornography in our world is astounding. If we don't disciple our kids about sexuality, porn will do it for us. This topic is urgent and only becoming more so with time because of the epidemic of kids being exposed at younger and younger ages.
This 10-Day Experience will educate you on the climate of the reality of pornography in our world, the addictiveness of it, the distortion and how to boldly educate and talk with your kids about it. 

This is a scary topic that no parent wants to even think about much less talk about with their child. But what do we do when that reality hits home, when our children struggle with very real issues? How do we help our kids find physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing? 
This 10-Day Experience will give you hope and practicals of how to think about and bring up one of the most difficult conversations you might ever have. 

The American conversation about drugs has been going on for a long time and recently, there has been a shift from openly condemning drugs to, in many cases, openly celebrating them. 
This 10-Day Experience will help you understand as drugs are becoming more accepted throughout our culture with the
legalization of marijuana and the prevalence of vaping, the importance as Christians to understand what drugs are, what their purpose is, and how they should be used.
Gender is fluid, sexual orientation is a choice with endless options and there are countless perspectives shaping the next generation's view of sexuality. 
This 10-Day Experience will educate you on the climate of this conversation in teen culture... Who is influencing it, how it is shaping the raising generation's worldview and why is it so popular. You will be able to bring up the conversation of sexuality in an informed and gracious way with your teen. 

What is Love? Is it a feeling? Is it an emotion? Romantic love, created by God, is a good and beautiful thing, but our culture has elevated it as the ultimate thing. There are also so many other relationships that teen are involved in that aren't necessarily "romantic." More and more these other friendships and relationships are solely online and virtual.
This 10-Day Experience will you give you a framework to discuss this topic with your teen in a way that reaches all aspects of relationships and what God intended for them.

It is important to people that they have a place to belong. But often times in an effort to fit in teens can allow culture to tell them who they are supposed to be. They are told what it looks like to be a man or be a woman and are expected to put on a mask that represents whoever they are supposed to be in the moment. We end up having a hard time knowing who we really were created to be. This 10-Day Experience shows you and your teen how God desires much more for us and already knows who we were created to be. He wants us to hand out identity and value over to him and let him heal our brokenness.
What's Included?
- Each 10-Day Teen Talk will include a guided experience using our library of resources to teach you everything you need to know about that particular topic. 

- Everyday you will receive either one or a combination of resources to watch, read, or listen to. The resources include Axis Summit interviews, Parent Guides, Conversation Kit videos and newly created prompts and activities. 
Do you want more than just one topic? 
Consider the All Axis Pass if you want to take a deep dive into all of the topics! It is a yearly subscription of $499/yr that included every digital resource Axis has to offer. 

Not only do you get all of the 10-Day Teen Talk Experiences, you get every single current and future Axis Parent Guide, Conversation Kit, Summit Interview and the Culture Translator Premium. 
The Value of the All Axis Pass:
The Culture Translator Premium ($60/yr) + Parent Guides (65 x $3.99) + Axis Summits (4 x $179) + The 30-Day Smartphone Family Reboot ($99) + Conversation Kits (16 x $20) + Come Together Digital ($500)
$ 1,955
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