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Have you ever felt: 

  • Frustrated by not connecting with your teen the way you would like?
  • ​Like you don't understand your teen—or maybe that they just don't get you?
  • ​Worried about their faith?
  • Like the bad guy for trying to 'make' them have a conversation about their day?

You're not alone!

This free original video series will help you to create deeper connections with your kids through meaningful conversation!

The Path to Teen Connection is a 3-part series designed to help you start having incredible moments with your teen.

These three short videos will show you...

How to fight the three main enemies keeping us from connecting with our kids.

How to build a team of influencers to give you the best chance to connect.

The difference between now 
conversations and 
always conversations, and how to navigate both with grace 
and ease.

​How to leverage  Christ-focused 
insights on teen culture, technology, entertainment, and trends to start great conversations with your kid.

Why is teen connection so difficult?!


Social Media

Streaming Services

Video Games

We've never had so many things fighting for our kids' attention!
This free series will help you break through all of these distractions to start building meaningful connection. 

This is your chance to start building deeper connections with your kids than ever before!
Are you ready to start having better conversations?

Who are we?

Curious who we are and why we care about your family having amazing relationships?

Hear it from our Founders, David Eaton and Jeremiah Callihan, as they describe the forces that motivated them to start Axis and how we came to serve families like you!

We know you are the key to unlocking lifelong faith in the next generation, and we hope you will join us in building deeper connections with them.

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