Tammy Tucker Saul

Tammy Tucker Saul’s career has mainly been in the corporate worlds of Human Resources, Advertising, Account Management, Property Management, Luxury Senior Living, and Telecommunications. At the top of Tammy’s skillset list, she says relationship building is key, as it touches every area of business and personal life. Tammy has tried skydiving (inside a building), loves muscle cars and drag-racing Chevelles. Tammy is a published poet and is working on a motivational book. Tammy is married to her best friend Greg, mother to a wonderful daughter Jessica and grandmother to four sweet and very active grandchildren. Since starting with Axis and seeing the immeasurable value of the content, Tammy is sharing the messages with as many caring adults as possible, in order for them to be bold and confident in discussing current issues; ‘one conversation at a time” and be truly invested in the lives of teens, their families and communities.