Melanie Mudge

As the Director of Student Transformation, Melanie helps ensure that everything Axis does has a life-transforming impact on the next generation. Her tasks include creating and maintaining content, training new interns, and attempting to educate her coworkers about the beauty of precise grammar (after all, it’s life transforming!). Her degree in business from the University of New Mexico applies to approximately 0% of her job, and she’s OK with that.

Originally from New Mexico, Melanie lives in Durango, CO with her husband Josh and their dog Diesel, where you can find Josh and Diesel doing something epic with Melanie gasping to keep up and dreaming of froyo. They also enjoy sci-fi, having friends over for dinner and games, and planning out their future tiny home.


  • Thanks to Pinterest, Melanie hopes to someday make all the crafts.
  • She is the proud aunt of 3, with a fourth on the way!
  • She loves cooking Paleo foods and treats.
  • She constantly contemplates how to be in multiple places at once.
  • She hopes to one day beat her mom at tennis.