Jeremiah Callihan

Hi, I’m Jeremiah, an Axis cofounder. I remember dreaming about what Axis could be back in the day, eating at Chick-fil-a on a weekly (or more) basis. I wanted to start Axis because I was sick of seeing friends become apathetic about their faith. I thought that a young team who melded current pop-culture with deep philosophical and theological questions would captivate students. As Axis continues to make a difference, this theory has proven true.

Some of the things that I love are:

  • Taking regular dates with my wife Kim.
  • Watching my four kids (Nehemiah, Elijah, Jonathan, and Amari) learn new things and coaching them in sports.
  • Being a foster parent. Everyone should consider foster parenting sometime in their life. There’s a kid in your county that needs a home right now! If all of us fostered just one child, there’d be no more foster kids without a loving home.
  • The Philadelphia Eagles, fantasy football, The Syracuse Orange, and March Madness.
  • Buying and rummaging through the contents of storage lockers at auction for fun (like on the “Storage Wars” TV show).
  • Living in Colorado. The sun shines over 300 days a year, and there’s always something to do. Nothing beats the view I have as I drive to work every day.
  • Driving around the US with my family and seeing new sights. I love a good road trip!
  • Coming up with new strategic ideas to make a difference through business and marketing.