Jeff & Jacqlyn Johns

As senior vice president of the National Christian Foundation, Jeff serves 29 local affiliates that, together with the national office, have granted more than $5 billion to churches and ministries worldwide. He focuses on growth and strategy for the NCF network. Formerly, Jeff worked as a management and strategy consultant to Fortune 500 companies. He has an undergraduate degree from Duke University and an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin. In addition to the Axis board, Jeff serves on the board of The Seed Company.

Jacqlyn received her Bachelor of Arts from Baylor University with a concentration in Studio Art. Currently, the majority of her time is spent raising their three children, Jackson, Ella, and Colton. These long days and short years have been an amazing teacher and expander of her faith. Jacqlyn is a talented artist and enjoys painting in her home studio.

Jeff and Jacqlyn serve together as board members of The Tijeras Foundation and Johns Family Foundation. They are emeritus board members of The Gathering, a unique community for Christian Givers who desire to focus their generosity and pass on their values to the next generation. They are passionate about helping families teach their children about faith and giving. These roles enable them to better understand the mindset and priorities of God’s givers. The Johns family lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.