Evan Barber

Evan is an outgoing introvert from Jonesboro, AR, which is near the buckle of the Bible Belt, and just outside Tornado Alley. He likes his coffee black, his tea green, and his bibles read.

  • Evan laughed out loud when he wrote that last line, but not because he thought it was good.
  • The word ostranenie (“defamiliarizing what is known in order to know it differently or more deeply”) describes his life-intentions well. Because of this, he thinks people with a dry and absurd sense of humor are the funniest.
  • His love for peanut butter hamburgers is fast approaching his love for sushi. He also likes kombucha now, which is probably even weirder.
  • He enjoys writing short stories, sipping on delicious beverages with friends, and admiring the graffiti on passing train cars.