CJ Fant

CJ’s favorite thing is to describe something with as weird of an analogy as possible. If you have a conversation with him for longer than 5 minutes, he’ll probably start talking about how he thinks Post Malone is the American Ed Sheeran. From England to Louisiana to Hawaii, growing up in an Air Force family allowed him to be exposed to multiple cultures, and this is probably where his fascination with culture, embedded or popular, comes from. Incredibly optimistic, CJ will see and believe the best in anything and everyone. So far, it hasn’t burned him too much! If he’s not listening to music, he’s probably playing drums, and if he’s not playing drums, he’s probably playing some Dota with his friends.

CJ has always loved connecting culture with the Bible and processing and understanding why we say what we say, listen to what we listen to, and watch what we watch. His job at Axis is to constantly learn, grow, and process through deep ideas in order to help the generations, young and old, to do the same.