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Day 1: Identity
Jessie Minassian
Author & Speaker
Women's Identity: Beauty, Cutting, & Porn
Young women desire to be loved, lovable, and beautiful, and are longing for a secure identity. Our culture is constantly having conversations with our daughters, giving them a picture of womanhood vastly different from their identities in Christ.

Jessie Minassian gives insight into what our daughters are wrestling with, both externally and internally. She gives practical suggestions to begin conversations about what it really means to be a woman. She leaves mothers and fathers with new ideas of how to communicate value to their daughters, which may be the lynchpin to female holiness and strength.
Craig Groeschel
Pastor, Life Church
Raising Biblically-Based World Changers
We live in a pivotal moment and our teens are ready to make a difference in their world. What do they need from their parents, and how can parents encourage them to be the person God is calling them to be?

Craig is a seasoned thought leader and parent who offers some insight into these questions. He talks about the need to manage social media and reinforce our kids' God-given identity by graciously guiding them to the truth and not being afraid of failure.
Dr. Les Parrott
Author, Love Like That
Fostering Genuine, Healthy Relationships through Family
As beings created in the image of a Trinitarian God, we are literally made for love and community. Intimacy with others can bring life and fulfillment, but it is also fraught with dysfunction and difficulty. Dr. Parrott offers hopeful advice in this fundamental area of life that can be so difficult, yet so rewarding. 

Often, children learn what healthy relationships look like from watching their parents and other influential adults. So, cultivating deep relationships for your kids starts with having healthy relationships of your own. And of course, all of this starts by understanding the centrality of Christ in every area of life, including our relationships.
Day 2: Anxiety & Depression 
Dr. Mark Mayfield
Licensed Counselor 
Teen Depression, Anxiety, & Suicidal Thoughts 
Dr. Mark Mayfield is a licensed professional counselor and a nationally certified counselor. Before that, he was a youth and family pastor for 5 years, and now talks with 130 teenagers every month at his practice. 

In this interview, he talks about the multifaceted aspect of what can cause mental illness, the importance of finding community that we can be honest about our struggles with, and how his own experience with depression and anxiety ultimately helped him draw closer to God.
Macy Rae + Ginger Klein
Project Reasons
Reasons to Have Open Communication 
Macy Rae and Ginger Klein, a high school student and her mother, share their family’s experience with Macy Rae’s major depressive disorder, self-harming, suicidal ideation, and subsequent management of Macy Rae’s emotional stability. Each comments on her perspective throughout the experience, including suspicion of trouble, assessment, diagnosis, and treatment along with the stigma and over-glorification of suicide and self-harm within Macy Rae’s friend group.

Macy Rae and Ginger also talk about how the experience changed their family dynamic and what non-clinical help (volunteering, improved communication, the development of a nonprofit supporting suicidal and self-harming teens, etc.) did the most for the family’s healing process.
Steve Arterburn
New Life Live Show
Understanding Depression & Anxiety in Teens
Psychologist, therapist, and father, Steve Arterburn draws from decades of experience in family, teen, and youth counseling to share meaningful insights to parenting your troubled teen. 

Beginning with prevention and how to keep your kid's mentally healthy, he moves into helping your kids when their mental health is suffering. His unique mix of grace-filled and hardliner stances lead to a refreshing perspective on the subject.
Jerusha Clark 
Bonus Video: Suicide Whiteboard
For 30 minutes, Jerusha Clark talks about her experiences with body disorders, anxiety, and intense depression. Through telling her story, she explains how this can cause a person to want to take their own life. She dives into how there is hope for a brighter tomorrow and the ways she was healed. 

This video is so powerful. We encourage you to share this bonus video with friends or family who know someone, or struggle themselves, with suicidal thoughts or ideation.

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Day 3: Porn, Sex, & Addiction
Chris Bruno
Restoration Project 
Why are Teens Drawn to Pornography?
The rising generation is experiencing an unprecedented plague of pornography addiction. Chris Bruno sheds light on how pornography is impacting teens specifically, relationships in general, and society at large.

Parents will come away from this interview with more information about the current cultural climate in regards to pornography and practical tips to begin difficult conversations about pornography with their children.
Dr. Juli Slattery
Authentic Intimacy  
Sexuality in the Next Generation
Let’s be honest...No one really wants to talk about sex with a teen. It was hard enough when the conversation was more straightforward. Now there are layers of discussions about gender, the plague of pornography, and so many modern identity issues that come with sexual sin. 

Fear not, Juli Slattery is here to guide a new kind of conversation, leading with consistency, vulnerability, and accountability. From innovative questions to ask, to patterns of communication to create space for “the talk” (which now needs to be many more than just one!), Slattery helps us prepare to talk about sexuality with teens in today’s world.
Dr. Doug Weiss
Heart to Heart Counseling Center
Addiction: Embracing Freedom and Restoration in Jesus
As a clinical psychologist specializing in addiction, Dr. Weiss works every day to free people from the harm that addiction has on individuals and their families. 

His love for God, people, and psychology all come together as Dr. Weiss informs and equips parents in raising confident, capable, and connected children in a world that is growing increasingly danger-filled. He provides wisdom and insight to help parents build relationships with their students for long-term flourishing and health.
Day 4: Parenting through Mental Health
Dr. Timothy Keller
Author, The Reason for God
Mentorship Model: Parenting through Today's Culture 
Culture is telling young people where to find love, how to define truth, and who they are supposed to become. Dr. Tim Keller shares wisdom and practical ideas to help parents and their teens discover God’s unrelenting love, truth, and script, which will ultimately lead to security and satisfaction. 

Through a creative illustration, an emphasis on close-range mentorship, and a breakdown of “post-truth” society, viewers will receive a gold mine of information to better disciple their students.
Ryan Dobson
Author, Speaker
Imperfect Parenting
Ryan Dobson, son of James Dobson, shares his insight and experience in raising and discipling young people in today’s world. 

His passion for the stories of parents and their kids, as well as his love for building those relationships and telling parents “It’s okay,” makes his thoughts uplifting and deeply impactful. 
Brett Ullman
Worlds Apart
Listening in the Midst of Struggle 
Brett Ullman explains to parents how important good listening skills can be in their relationship with their teens, even when it seems difficult or impossible to relate to them. He candidly discusses his journey to “almost wholeness” through a debilitating struggle with clinical anxiety, detailing what friends and loved ones said (and didn’t say) that helped him heal.

He also discusses the Church’s customary method of handling mental health issues among its members, suggesting several practical methods Christians might employ to both better understand emotional health and provide real support to others who wrestle with it.

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