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The One-And-Only Dr. Kara Powell - 8 min

Dr. Powell is a thought-leader in the youth discipleship world. We highly respect her. You will love this video about "warmth." Go on an 8-minute walk and listen to it! It will change your life!

Full Interview - 36 min

May we suggest going on a 36-minute walk and listening to this?

Free! The Culture Translator

Weekly insight into how pop-culture, & tech are influencing your kids! It will prepare you for great conversations.

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Welcome to your new Axis Dashboard!

With the launch of our iPhone app, all of your resources are now available with a familiar interface on our website or on your phone*.

This requires that you create a new password, which you will use in both places.
    1. Visit our new dashboard and click on the orange “SIGN UP / LOGIN” button in the top right corner.
    2. Enter your details and new password
    3. Click “CREATE ACCOUNT,” even if you already have an account (be sure to use the same email).


*Android version will come early 2021. Password reset still required to proceed.