Parent Guides

What are Parent Guides?

Parent Guides are 10-12 page “booklets” for everything you need to know on a given cultural phenomenon. Each on is meticulously researched to give you the information on what is going, and more importantly, how it affects your teen. 

Our library currently has over 120 individual Parent Guides. Some of our most popular topics include: Pornography, Smartphones, Anxiety & Depression, and Video Games. We also cover more explicitly Christian topics such as the Bible, Evangelism, the Sabbath and much more!

Conversation Kits

What are Conversation Kits?

Conversation Kits are a multi-part, moderated discussion. They are produced to specifically to engage teens with parents, teachers, pastors, and others teens with content they may already be familiar with. There are open-ended questioned throughout the Conversation Kits that help foster and open dialogue. 

Check out Part 1 (of 3) of the Money Conversation Kit!


What is a Summit?

Every so often, the Axis team will conduct interviews with experts concerning various issues pertaining to teen culture, life, and spirituality. This is an effort to equip parents, pastors, and teacher to better understand and engage the worldview of the teens in their homes, schools, and churches.

Check out our interview with Preston Sprinkle!

Culture Translator

Culture Translator Free

What is the Culture Translator?

It’s hard to keep track of everything teens are into, let alone know how to talk with them about those things. But it doesn’t have to be! The Culture Translator is our free weekly newsletter, translating new developments in pop culture to help parents and faith leaders understand and disciple their teenagers.

Check out the Culture Translator from January 15, 2021!

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