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Ready to take back control of the 
Smartphone in your life?

Ready to take back control of the Smartphone 
in your life?

Join the Axis team for this free 3-part video series where we will show you:

  • What is the good & bad of smartphones
  • How to build trust with smartphones 
  • How your family can build healthy habits

Don't Tackle Smartphones Alone!

Walk away with answers to the 4 vital questions all parents are 
asking about their teens' smartphones: 

 "When should I get my kid a phone? If at all?"

 "What do I do if they already have one and it's out of control?" 

 "Is there a way for me to not always be seen as defensive or "the bad guy" when it comes to phones?"

​ "How can I think Biblically about our families' phones?" 

We will help you start the 4 conversations every parent 
needs to have about Smartphones:

Conversation #1:
How is are smartphones good, how are they cursed, and how can we as a family redeem them?

Conversation #2
What are they for, and why are they important to our teen?

Conversation #3
Having a smartphone is a journey not a destination.

Conversation #4
Feeling confident your teen knows:
"You can tell me anything and I will be fair"

These 4 conversations will help you take back control of the smartphones in your life...

In this free series we will help you start these conversations, build trust with your teen, heathy habits for their future, and build amazing life-long relationships 

This is your chance to take control of the smartphones in your life!
Are you ready to take the next step?
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