A Parent’s Guide to Vaping/Juuling Guide (Medium License)


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New stats show that teens are starting to vape/juul (i.e. use e-cigarettes) at a high rate, despite the lack of research into its risks and harms. This Guide looks into what vaping is, what can be vaped, how it can be concealed, how risky it is, how easily minors can access it, and more.

Pages: 11

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What's in this guide?

  • —The cool kids are vaping…safely?
  • —What exactly is vaping?
  • —What do you vape with?
  • —What substances can be vaped?
  • —Are teens vaping?
  • —Why the vaping craze?
  • —Why is it so controversial?
  • —What should we conclude from this evidence?
  • —Ok, so how easy is it for minors to access vape products?
  • —And how easy is it to hide?
  • —What can I do to keep my kids from vaping?
  • —How do I talk to my kids about vaping?
  • —Final thoughts
  • —Resources

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