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With rates of both on the rise, we can’t afford to not talk with our children about these difficult topics. Learn what God says about both, how to initiate conversations, and how to get help.

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What's in this guide?

  • —An Important Note First
  • —What exactly is suicide? Self-harm?
  • —Is suicide more prevalent today than in the past?
  • —What causes suicide or self-harm?
  • —Self-harming doesn’t make sense to me. Why would someone do it?
  • —What is culture saying about suicide and self-harm? How is it influencing teens?
  • —Don’t some kids threaten suicide or self- harm just to get attention or manipulate others? Shouldn’t I refuse to let my teen “manipulate” me like that?
  • —I’ve heard people wonder why a teen who “seemed so happy” or “had so much go- ing for them” would commit suicide. Why would apparently happy teens do this?
  • —Are there steps I can take to prevent self- harm and suicide?
  • —How would I know if my son/daughter is suicidal or self-harming?
  • —I’m really uncomfortable talking about suicide and self-harm. How can I get my teen to talk with me about it?
  • —What does God’s Word say about suicide and self-harm?
  • —Final Thoughts
  • —Resource

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