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How many teens are actually sexting? Why are they sexting? What will happen if my teen sexts? Is it illegal? How do I have an open and loving conversation with my teen about sexting and its dangers? All these questions and more are discussed in this guide.

Pages: 11

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What's in this guide?

  • —Are You Prepared to Talk about Sexting?
  • —What is “sexting”?
  • —Are teens sexting?
  • —Why do they sext?
  • —What apps do they use to sext?
  • —Emojis as sexts?
  • —Isn’t it illegal for a minor to sext?
  • —How is sexting affecting teens?
  • —I checked my teen’s phone, didn’t find any- thing, so he/she isn’t sexting, right?
  • —If my child isn’t sexting, do I really need to talk about it?
  • —So how do I address this with my child(ren)?
  • —When should I address it with my kids?
  • —What if I’ve done everything I can, but my kid still won’t stop sexting?!
  • —How can I start discipling my younger kids to not even be tempted by sexting?
  • —Anything else I should know?
  • —The Bottom Line
  • —Other Resources

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