Smartphones Guide

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Good news! It is possible to use smartphones well and to keep them from becoming our kids’ entire world, even if they’ve already had phones for awhile. This guide offers a theology of technology, tips for preparing kids for the first phone, and much more.

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What's In This Guide?

  • There are trends, and there are cultural shifts.
  • What’s a digital native?
  • Smartphones aren’t all bad, right?
  • How exactly do smartphones complicate our lives?
  • So is there hope?
  • How should we view smartphones?
  • How should that inform how I parent my kids?
  • How do I prepare my child for getting a smartphone?
  • Ok, my teen has had a smartphone for awhile, and I didn’t do some or all of the things above. Now what?
  • Final thoughts
  • Additional resources
  • Recap
  • Discussion Questions

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