Smartphones Guide


Good news! It is possible to use smartphones well and to keep them from becoming our kids’ entire world, even if they’ve already had phones for awhile. This guide offers a theology of technology, tips for preparing kids for the first phone, and much more.

Pages: 13

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What's In This Guide?

  • There are trends, and there are cultural shifts.
  • What’s a digital native?
  • Smartphones aren’t all bad, right?
  • How exactly do smartphones complicate our lives?
  • So is there hope?
  • How should we view smartphones?
  • How should that inform how I parent my kids?
  • How do I prepare my child for getting a smartphone?
  • Ok, my teen has had a smartphone for awhile, and I didn’t do some or all of the things above. Now what?
  • Final thoughts
  • Additional resources

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