Fortnite Guide


If you haven’t heard of Fortnite yet, you will. The game took the gaming world by storm. So why do teens like it so much? Should you be worried if they’re playing it all the time? Are there parental controls? How can you talk to them about it? And most importantly, how is a free game costing you so much money?! All this and much more in this guide.
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What's in this guide?

  • —If you build it, they will come . . .
  • —What is Fortnite?
  • —What’s it rated?
  • —On what platforms is it available?
  • —Ok, what’s a “battle royale” video game?
  • —So why is Fortnite way more popular than PUBG?
  • —What’s “Battle Pass” and how can a “free” game cost me so much money?!
  • —Why did the game skyrocket in popularity so quickly?
  • —Is the battle royale genre inherently bad?
  • —Is Fortnite better or worse than other video games?
  • —Are there parental controls?
  • —Should I let my kids play it?
  • —How can I set good limits for my kids when it comes to playing Fortnite?
  • —Discussion questions
  • —Takeaway
  • —Additional Resources

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