12 Days of Christmas Guide


4 calling birds, 3 french hens, 2–Wait! That’s not what the 12 days are at all. Use this Guide to learn about the real 12 days of Christmas, why they matter, and how to begin more meaningful Christmas traditions. (Note: This is not a devotional.)

Pages: 17

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What's in this guide?

  • —So what are you talking about?
  • —Side note
  • —What exactly is Christmas?
  • —How has Christmas changed over the centuries?
  • —How does the Christian calendar fit in here?
  • —Wait! Should Christians even participate in Christmas? Isn’t it selfish?
  • —So how do we better understand what we’re celebrating?
  • —What’s the tone and feel of the twelve days of Christmas?
  • —Can we properly feast while we’re all on our phones?
  • —What should we do with our current Christmas traditions and liturgies?
  • —What should we keep in mind as we celebrate Christmas, particularly with our teens?
  • —Ok, but what about St. Nicholas and Santa Claus?
  • —So should we stop giving gifts altogether?
  • —How can I use Christmas to model giving to my kids?
  • —What do we actually do during the twelve days of Christmas?
  • —How do we deal with hard people around the holidays?
  • —How can I celebrate when Christmas just brings pain and sadness?
  • —Recommended Reading

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