Managing Mental Health Tool Kit

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Anxiety Video Kit

Fear vs. Anxiety. Techniques for Coping. Peace and Rest.

The different portions of this topic address performance, social, disaster, and spiritual anxiety, the difference between fear and anxiety, and a variety of techniques for dealing with anxiety.

Family License (1-12 People) - $10

Suicide Video Kit

Depression. Anxiety. Self-Harm.

The different portions of this topic address suicide, depression, anxiety, and self-harm in teens.

Family License (1-12 People) - $10

Social Media Video Kit

Brain hacking. Self-image. Connection.

It is important we are aware of how social media’s design impacts us so we can make better decisions with our technology. This Conversation Kit will help you start discussion with your student about how social media can never replace face to face interactions and the necessity of investing in real life conversations, even if doing so feels risky or uncomfortable at times.

Family License (1-12 People) - $10

Identity Video Kit

It is important to people that they have a place to belong. But often times in an effort to fit in we allow culture to tell us who we are supposed to be. We are told what it looks like to be a man or be a woman and are expected to put on a mask that represents whoever we are supposed to be in the moment. We end up having a hard time knowing who we really were created to be. But God desires much more for us and already knows who we were created to be. He wants us to hand out identity and value over to him and let him heal our brokenness.

Family License (1-12 People) - $10

Depression & Anxiety Guide

Depression and anxiety are all too common, yet Christians have very little guidance as to how best to combine spiritual and medical treatment. This Guide offers that guidance so you can help your suffering teen.

Pages: 15

Body Positivity Guide

It’s rare to meet someone who likes what they look like, flaws and all. We’re all struggling with body image, especially teens, and the Body Positivity movement seems to have the answers. What is it? Is it what we’re looking for? How can we help our teens see themselves as God sees them? This Guide offers insight for your discipleship journey.

Pages: 17

Eating Disorders Guide

Eating disorders are on the rise. We not only need to understand the culture around them, but also how to have conversations about them and where to go when our teens need help. This is a great starting point.

Pages: 7

Suicide & Self-Harm Prevention Guide

With rates of both on the rise, we can't afford to not talk with our children about these difficult topics. Learn what God says about both, how to initiate conversations, and how to get help.

Pages: 14

Difficult Conversations Guide

Talking about taboo, awkward, or uncomfortable topics can be so anxiety-inducing that we put it off so long, we lose our chance. This Guide helps us see these conversations as a chance to love and disciple our kids, as well as offers practical ideas for how to start them.

Pages: 12

Making Your Home a Safe Place Guide

What does it mean to have a refuge and a safe haven? How do we create that for others, especially our kids? This Guide helps you better understand not only how God designed us to live in a balance between safety and risk, but also how to create that balance within your home for your kids and your community.
Pages: 11

30 Day Smartphone Family Reboot

Are you tired of not knowing how to navigate the world of smartphones and feeling like you have lost control?

Start on the right foot, and have the tools you need to build trust with your teen and create a healthy relationship with them and their smartphones with the 30-Day Smartphone Family Reboot.

Culture Translator Premium One Year

Save $10 and get the Culture Translator Premium for an entire year!

  • + WEEKLY
  • + 10 TO 15 TOPICS

Highly-curated list of 15+ changes in teen culture that happened this week so you get even more cultural analysis and conversation starters in your inbox every week!

Comes with free guides along the way to help users dig deeper and deeper into why teens love “X” and how to talk to them about it.

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Be equipped to have the lifelong conversation with: The Culture Translator Premium, Parent Guides, Conversation Kits, Expert Interviews, 10-Day Teen Talks, Family Experiences, and more!

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