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Delving into the world of Internet filters & monitors can be overwhelming, which is why we’ve got your back! We looked at 23 different options, weighing their pros and cons to offer some recommendations. No matter the age of your kids, you’ll want to check out this guide before making any final decisions!

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What's in this guide?

  • —Monitors and filters are useful, but they shouldn’t replace relationships.
  • —Why aren’t filters enough?
  • —What’s the difference between Internet filters, Internet monitors, and parental controls?
  • —What’s the best strategy for implementing filters and monitors?
  • —Sounds great, but my situation is definitely not “ideal.” So what do I do?
  • —What do I need to know before deciding on an Internet filter?
  • —What are some criteria for good filters?
  • —What are the top 10 filters you recommend?
  • —What filters didn’t make the list?
  • —So how do I keep the conversations about Internet safety and accountability going?
  • —Conclusion
  • —Additional Resources

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